What is Brushless Motor? Advantages and Disadvantages?
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What is Brushless Motor? Advantages and Disadvantages?

SHENGPLUS Brushless DC Motor, BLM090-H and BLM090-L, has the choice from 100W to 750W

  • Operation principle and characteristics:
  1. The design of the DC brushless motor is mainly to solve the maintenance problem of the brush and the inverter of the DC motor. its main difference between the operating principle and the brushed DC motor is that it uses electronic commutation, so that the magnetic field of the rotor and the stator can be maintained at a phase difference of 90. With the appropriate drive circuit, the commutation sequence can be effectively controlled. Improve efficiency or increase speed range. The brushless motor relies on the coil to generate the magnetic field to make the armature run. Because of the less friction between the brush and the shaft, it saves electricity and is quieter.
  2. In the design of the actual motor hardware, the rotor of the general brushless DC motor uses permanent magnets, and the stator is wound with three-phase coils.
  3. The brushless motor will not be damaged in theory. The only place that will be damaged is the bearing of the bearing, because it has no brushes. The bearing is the only place that it touches when rotating, so its reliability is also improved, there will be no sparks, and the efficiency is better than that of a brush motor. For a DC motor with the same horsepower output, a brushless motor is about 1/2 the volume of a brush motor.
  • The advantages of DC brushless motors:
  1. It is not easy to produce high-temperature arc and metal shavings during phase commutation.
  2. Less electrical noise, high reliability, long life and easy high speed.
  3. Low voltage, quick start and easy control.
  4. Easy to manufacture, small in size,
  5. Applicable to high temperature environment and low maintenance cost
  6. No carbon powder, oil mist and other dirt are produced on the brush part.
  7. No electrical noise (no electric wave interference).
  8. No sparks
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    • Customized 3 phase 8 pole (4 pair of poles) brushless DC electric motor with rating power from 100W to 750W
    • Come with different compact square flange size of 90mm
    • High torque BLDC motor working at 12V/ 24V/ 48V DC voltage power supply, 220V is also available
    • 1000 rpm to 3000 rpm rated speed, high efficiency up to 85%
    • Strong starting torque, high power density, low inertia, low noise
    • Offers competitive added value options such as along with brake, the matched bldc motor controller, fitting it to a planetary / worm gearbox for increased torque
    • Long service life and quiet running thanks to precision ball bearings

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